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Before going on W-A-L-K-I-E-S (don’t say it too loud!) find out about travelling, types of locations, and many more topics to keep your pug safe and healthy when leaving home…

Pug safety in a car

Dog car safety can often be overlooked. It is not the first thing you think about when having a dog. On the market there are multiple products that can keep your dog safe and certain hacks to reduce anxiety while riding in the car… 

Safety tips for walking your pug in the dark

Walking a dog in the dark is very different than walking during day light. This is because walking in the dark poses a lot more dangers and threats. However, with careful planning and consideration of what could potentially occur you can use this time to wind down and bond with your dog, and enjoy a winter walk together.

Pros and cons of walking your pug in urban and woodland locations

Making your choice of where to walk your dog will be dependent on your individual opinions and preferences. A lot of your choices will rely on your circumstances of location, available transport and your time. However, there are pros and cons to walking your dog in various locations which could change your mind…

How to exercise pugs when cold outside

How to exercise pugs when it is too cold outside

In the winter months pugs can be prone to putting on that little extra weight as it can be too cold for them to leave the house to go on a walk. However, even though it is too cold for a walk, they still need exercise. There are plenty of ways for pugs to still have the exercise they require if they need to stay indoors.  

9 U.K stores that allow dogs

Although, in reality you might find taking your pooch with you on a shopping trip it may not be the desirable day that you imagine it to be! Here are some tips

Why doesn't my pug want to walk?

Pugs are stubborn by nature, but they are also very clever, and know how to get what they want! Here are 10 reasons why your pug could be refusing to walk….

How long do you walk a pug for?

Walking your pug should be within your daily routine, as it has many great benefits for you and your dog. Due to belonging to the brachycephalic breed some people worry if they are exercising their pug too much or too little. You should always keep a close eye on your pug when they are exercising to ensure they are not over exerting themselves…

Tips on taking your pug to see santa

With all the festive fun for us humans around Christmas time, why not let your pug in on the fun! Click to see tips on how to have a successful visit with your pug to see Santa…