Recommended Products

This page is for me and Elliot to show what products we use regularly. And would not be able to function without! We often review this page and will update the products if we find anything exciting, or helpful items to share with you guys. We have tried and tested these items and we love them!  



Pets Fit Dog Booster Car Seat  

Ever since I have used the car seat, I have not attempted to use anything else to transport Elliot in my car. I find it contains his hair in the car. Not fully as pugs malt a lot but it defiantly helps! Also, the car seat complies with the laws and regulations in the U.K of restraining a dog in a car to reduce accidents. Importantly, Elliot knows that the car seat is his own area in the car, this seems to calm him and he will often sleep in the car. I am able to cater for Elliot’s needs during the different seasons. I put blankets in the seat during the cold months which he snuggles into, and during the summer months I place cooling matts into the seat. I am able to wash the car seat liner which I really handy as it can get muddy and very hairy! (See below for a product to put into a washing machine that takes off hair on dog products). One thing that I would mention about using the car seat in the front of the car is that I would highly advise to turn off the air bag as if they were to go off this would suffocate your pug. See Dogs Safety in a Car Post for more information.

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Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver  

This product is always stocked next to my washing machine! It is a powder that you put into your washing machine draw along-side all the other products you use. This product is an easy and effective way to dehair pet products like bedding with zero effort. It is a great product to use especially in the winter months with your pugs blankets and bedding. If you are going to purchase Vamoosh make sure you are ordering the right version, as there is a Vamoosh washing machine cleaner and the box looks similar to the pet hair dissolver and I have ordered the wrong one before. I recommend reading the instructions prior to using to avoid any damage to products.